bespoke jewelry


Welcome to the world of bespoke jewelry,

where your story becomes a personal design

crafted with delicate care and love.



Tess is not just a jewelry designer;

she's your partner in creating something truly exceptional.


With over 6 years of experience as an independent goldsmith,

Tess brings a wealth of expertise to the table, including proficiency

in 3D design and various other techniques.


Together with skilled experts in gemstone setting,

jewelry casting, engravings and other various techniques,

we forge your forever treasure with the highest quality

craftsmanship right here in Belgium.




How It All Comes to Life


Our journey begins with a personal appointment,

where we delve into your preferences and explore

the limitless possibilities for your bespoke jewelry.

This is where your vision takes shape,

and we start crafting the story you want to wear.



Following our initial meeting, you'll receive a lifelike 3D design

that breathes life into your concept, giving you a tangible preview

of your custom creation. It's your chance to ensure

every detail aligns with your desires.



Pricing and Excellence


Our commitment to excellence goes hand in hand with transparent pricing.

The minimum cost for custom jewelry starts at 1500 euros,

ensuring quality craftsmanship accessible to those seeking uniqueness.

If you opt for 3D render designs, an additional charge of 360 euros will apply

for all jewelry under 5000 euro. Rest assured, every cent is invested in delivering

the finest bespoke jewelry that resonates with your essence.



The Power of Precious Metals and Gemstones


Join us on a co-creative journey where your preferred

precious metals and gemstones take center stage.

Your jewelry will not only be a stunning adornment but

also a reflection of your individuality.



Breathing New Life into Old Treasures


Have cherished pieces gathering dust in your jewelry box?

Let us help you transform your forgotten treasures.

We can recycle your gold and gems to craft unique,

custom-made pieces that you'll cherish for years to come.




Your bespoke jewelry experience begins with a conversation.

Reach out by mail to or visit our contact page

and let's embark on a journey to create something extraordinary together.

Your story deserves to be celebrated through the artistry of bespoke jewelry.