about tess



In 2016 I graduated at LUCA School of Arts (Brussels) in Graphic Design storytelling and illustration

and chose to follow technical goldsmith and 3D design classes.


I wanted to create a durable and unique jewelry label driven by my neverending

fascination for improvement, my passion for aesthetics

and the creative soul that’s wandering in me.


Therefore I put my focus on a timeless collection where classics are redefined

and where craftsmanship, ethics and quality are priority.



Every piece is handcrafted in Belgium by me and in cooperation with an experienced team. Next to the collection it is possible for you to create your customised jewelry in consultation.



When creating a piece, I look for a fluid yet dynamic figure. This can be a jewel with lively gemstones and an explosion of color or a very neutral design. I look for a particular balance that satisfies me.


I use a lot of feeling and I always follow my intuition.

my personal introduction to you



I love wandering through city streets as much as I love being in nature.


I never walk away from an interesting conversation or topic,

once my curiosity is stimulated I want to know all about it.


I always stay true to my own values, try to develop my

personality and become the best version of myself.

I should go visit Tokyo.


I have never jumped out of a plane

but maybe one day you will take me?


I need my slow mornings where I go for a walk

with my dogs and drink some good coffee.


And next to being a very independent woman,

I’m also devoted to spending good quality time

with close friends and family.