about tess



In 2016, I graduated from LUCA School of Arts in Brussels,

specializing in Graphic Design, storytelling, and illustration.

Alongside my studies, I also ventured into technical

goldsmithing and 3D design classes.


My journey in jewelry design began with a vision

—to establish a sustainable and distinctive jewelry label

driven by my unending quest for improvement,

a profound passion for aesthetics,

and the creative spirit that dwells within me.



With a focus on timeless designs that redefine classics,

my collection prioritizes craftsmanship, ethics, and quality.





Every piece is meticulously handcrafted in Belgium,

either by myself or in collaboration with an experienced team.

In addition to the collection, I offer the opportunity to create

customized jewelry through consultations.



When crafting a piece, I seek a balance between fluidity and dynamism,

whether it's a vibrant jewel adorned with lively gemstones or a minimalist design.

My process is guided by intuition and a deep emotional connection to my work.




Outside of my craft, I find inspiration in the hustle and bustle of city streets

as well as the tranquility of nature. I'm always up for engaging conversations,

driven by an insatiable curiosity to learn and explore new topics.



Remaining true to my values, I continually strive to develop my personality

and become the best version of myself. Someday, I hope to explore the vibrant city of Tokyo,

and while I haven't taken the leap to jump out of a plane, who knows what the future holds?



My mornings are early and sacred, reserved for leisurely walks with my dogs

and savoring a cup of coffee. In addition to pursuing my independence,

I cherish quality time spent with close friends and family.






Thank you for being part of my journey in the world of jewelry design.