about tess



In 2016 I graduated at LUCA School of Arts (Brussels) in Graphic Design Illustration and Storytelling and chose to follow technical goldsmith classes. I wanted to create a durable and unique jewelry label driven by honesty and emotion where I could develop myself through time. Therefore, I put my focus on timeless design with a long lifespan where craftsmanship and quality are priority.



Every piece is handcrafted in Belgium by me and in cooperation with an experienced team. Next to the collection it is possible for you to create your customised jewelry in consultation.



When creating a piece, I look for a fluid yet dynamic figure. This can be a jewel with lively gemstones and an explosion of color or a very neutral design. I look for a particular balance that satisfies me.



Serendipity often takes a leading role in the atelier and I will use coincidences as improvements

for the design I’m working on at that moment. I use a lot of feeling and I always follow my intuition.