tess de meerleer creates durable jewelry

with fine recycable raw materials and precious gemstones.

750 18 karat gold | 925 sterling silver



All jewelry is designed and made in Antwerp and Mechelen (Belgium)

by Tess and in cooperation with a team of professionals.



We care for a local production and handcraft your jewelry

with the most modern techniques combined with the most authentic crafts. 



As a business we take responsability for our planet and for human rights.
Therefore we only use recycable raw materials for the jewelry.



We maintain high standards in quality and work with limited suppliers

who ensure transparacy regarding sourcing raw materials

as diamonds, colored gemstones and precious metals.



We only use eco-packaging.



Next to the collection, we re-invent your old jewelry or create a custom design.



We're always here for you,

also for a yearly clean up and repair check

so you can wear your treasures forever.