custom jewelry


I want to hear your story and translate your

world into a personal design made for you

with delicate care and love.



As a jewelry designer I’m 100 %

involved in the production process.


I have 6 years of experience as an independent

goldsmith next to which I also practice

3D design and various other techniques.


Together with a an expert in gemstone setting,  

jewelry casting and engravings, we create your

forever treasure in the highest quality in Belgium.



How it works


During a personal appointment,

we explore your preferences and discuss

the possibilities for your bespoke jewelry.


Following this, you will be provided with a lifelike

3D design to bring your vision to life.


The minimum price for custom jewelry is 900 euros.

If you opt for 3D render designs, an additional

charge of 360 euros will apply for orders below 3000 euros.




Let's co-create a precious jewel using your

preferred precious metals and gemstone(s).



This is a great opportunity to breathe

new life into your old treasures.


Let me help you transform

your forgotten pieces.


We can recycle your gold and gems

to create unique, custom-made pieces

that you'll love to wear for years to come.